Friday, August 19, 2011


Nothing crazy happened today to make me finally start this blog. It's just time, I suppose. I always figured I'd finally start one after I have some crazy inspirational thought, but those don't seem to be coming to me so frequently now-a-days. Love theories. Doesnt matter how out there or impossible they are, still a unique concept is so precious. It is a sign of actual thought, instead of simply spitting out facts you've learned from a book. Or tv. Even better.

By the way, I can feel the grips of proper grammar and punctuation slipping quickly as far as this blog is concerned.

No matter the credibility or level of complexity of the concepts you are relaying, it is still not your thoughts. Okay, i just watched inception, but still! Look at that, I'm being such a hypocrite right now. Honestly, I dont believe there is still such a thing as a purely unique thought. There are just too many people in the world. Its sad, really. I'm sure theres something that somebody has yet to think of. I mean, there are problems in the world that still needs fixing, a few actually. If someone had the cure for aids, why would they keep that under wraps?

Or the solution for this economic situation. Well, on that one, I think there is a simple(ish) solution for that. But were not getting into that right now. 

I think about the world alot. Of problems and possible solutions for typically very generic problems, like hunger, world disasters, and all kinds of social issues.

So, this blog is kinda gonna be random and everywhere.